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About Us

Dimensions Trophy is totally dedicated to providing trophy dealers with high quality, creative designs at the most affordable cost. As a division of Visions/Awardcraft, the leading award and recognition supplier, Dimensions has over 50 years of industry experience. Dimensions offers an extensive line of awards crafted in crystal, art glass, stainless steel, resins, glass, wood and a myriad of other materials in a mix that makes our designs truly unique. Because we do our own designing and manufacturing we can offer these artistic awards at very attractive price points. Dimensions proudly serves you from our central located Celina, Ohio corporate headquarters. Outside our building, you will find anamazing 19’ tall stainless steel structure serving as a unique landmark lending beauty to the surrounding area.The sculpture, IMAGINE, is symbolic of the power of imagination, creativity and vision. All successful ventures, whether it is improving a process, developing a product, or helping mankind, begin with a vision to see the possibilities of what can be.